Incorrect diet, full of products with no nutrient values or even harmful to our health, stress, tiredness, sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep and time for ourselves. Those are only a few factors that make keeping proper body weight harder.

How many times in year you try to go on a diet? Weeks of abnegations usually finished with only temporary weight loss followed by jo-jo effect.

Is there any way to effectively and healthy lose weight and then to keep proper body weight?


Andre Zagozda Laboratory created outstanding products AZ DIET, based on uniquely high-concentrated water extract from Alga Laminaria SEA PLASMA® which help to naturally get rid of excessive kilograms. Why they are so effective?

  • Active sea origin ingredients thoroughly purify from toxins.
  • A big contents of iodine, which is responsible for fats metabolism, speed up their distribution.
  • During diet organism is intensively nourished (presence of concentrated extract from agla) what eliminates alimentary shortages arose even before diet and prevents from arising new ones. Thanks to that after the end of the treatment there is no jo-jo effect.
  • Diet improves health condition what can be proven by morphology made BEFORE and AFTER dieting – check out detailed effects >>.
  • Thanks to intensive purification and nutrition of the body skin recovers Energy – natural repairing and regenerating processes are being stimulated. As a result the quality of the skin, hair and nails is improved and cellulite is eliminated.

AZ Diet Treatment not only lower the number of consumed calories but also purify and comprehensive nourish organism what in result naturally speed up and regulate metabolism bringing back the balance.


To get body ready for the slimming diet it is necessary to clean it out of toxins. This is the reason why it is the best to star dieting with supplement – AZ DETOX 24h, which chemistry is based on natural, herbal ingredients. At 24h you can get rid out of your body from 1 to even 2,5 kg of toxins.

In purifying and slimming process significant role acts ALGAE BATH, which successively helps to eliminate of your body excess of fluids along with toxins and demineralizes skin giving it a protection from firmness lose. It is very important at bigger weight loss. Good effects also gives closed in glass ampoules extract from alga – ALGAE MARINE ELIXIR. It contains daily dose of iodine, which speed up metabolism and fat distribution (lipolysis).

During diet and after it you should dring a lot of water – optimally 3 liters daily.


Living life rush you have no time to prepare diverse, balanced and low-caloric food at the same time. The solution are nutrition cocktails AZ in six different tastes, which can replace two meals of standard diet.

1 portion has only 86 calories! It uniquely low-caloric diet, but in combination with supplements in formula of capsules with alga to eat and ampoules with alga extract to drink, guarantee complex organism nutrition at level of cells. Thanks to that we can ensure that after diet there will not be jo-jo effect.

More information about cocktails AZ >>

Third meal during the day is composed with protein portion (depends on individual preferences: fish, white meat, eggs, plants rich in proteins) and mix of as much diverse vegetables as possible with dominance of deep green ones. Remember about drinking 3l of water.


Organism nutrition naturally stimulate its metabolism and regeneration. This is why during diet and after it you should use supplementation. Laminar alga are perfect for this purpose because they contain everything what our body needs, and thanks to chemical bio-similarity with human body fluids they ingredients are the easiest to absorb.

We are offering two supplements : ALGAE MARINE CAPSULES (capsules with micronized alga) and ALGAE MARINE ELIXIR (ampullas with extract from alga). They would supply to the body whole wealth of components: f. ex. over 100 micro and macro elements, vitamins with all B group even rarely occurred in plans vitamin B12 (important specially for vegans and vegetarians) and component proteins or carbohydrates. Wealthy like this and compatible with blood serum chemistry ensure complex body nutrition.


Effectiveness of AZ diet is based on flagship component AZ brand: uniquely high-concentrated water extract from laminar alga SEA PLASMA®. This extract contains unbelievable wealthy of minerals, full-valued proteins and vitamins in the best to assimilate formula.

With our diet we want to promote going back to the nature- to eternal vital power hidden in the oceans – to natural sources of unprocessed food.

Power of the ocean and its extremely high compatible to human body natural resources is not possible to be replaced with any products created by human.

  • Karolina Wojciechowska - 06.04.2017