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A formula developed specifically to eliminate dandruff and prevent its formation

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A formula developed specifically to eliminate dandruff and prevent its formation

It includes a globally unique, natural, highly concentrated water extract of laminar algae – SEA PLASMA®, the flagship component of the Laboratory, which guarantees the highest effectiveness of this derm-shampoo. SEA PLASMA® with its extremely high concentration of natural, easily absorbed oligo-elements, mineral salts, amino acids, polysaccharides and vitamins (including the whole range of B vitamins) is combined with highly concentrated rosemary essential oil, renowned for its cleansing and aseptic properties. This combination of ingredients helps to clean the scalp, removes the excess of calloused epidermis, restores the balance of the micro-flora, preventing the proliferation of micro-organisms and effectively neutralizing skin irritations. The shampoo helps restore the biological balance of the scalp as well as the healthy appearance and lustre of the hair.

Suitable for daily use. Apply on wet hair and massage through scalp and hair for 2-3 min in order to introduce the active substances contained in the formula. Rinse and repeat the process if necessary. Follow with algae Derm-Conditioner for deep regeneration and easy combing. Comb, spreading out the conditioner along the hair and rinse thoroughly. Due to the high presence of essential oils in the formula, avoid contact with the eyes. In case of eye contact, wash them immediately with a generous amount of lukewarm water. For intensive dandruff: use shampoo alternatively with Cataplasm Mask Derm-Shampoo 2-3 times a week for deep cleansing, intensive nourishing and regeneration as well as thorough peeling and improved microcirculation in the scalp. In case of oily dandruff – you can use the Cataplasm even every day till the problem subsides. For a dry dandruff – reduce the usage of the Cataplasm till 2 times a week. On the remaining days, wash the scalp and hair with AZ Derm-Shampoo anti-dandruff. For preventive purposes: use the Cataplasm once a week. On the remaining days, wash the scalp and hair with Derm-Shampoo anti-dandruff. For optimal results we recommend to add to your daily diet (alternatively): Algae Marine Capsules – (micronized algae) a natural, intensively nourishing supplement to replenish insufficiencies and the Algae Marine Elixir (a potent, natural algae extract) that accelerates detoxification and boosts regeneration and energy. EFFICIENCY OF THE PRODUCT: Due to a very high concentration of active ingredients it is sufficient to use a small portion of the product. Generally (with two applications) 2 ml of Derm-Shampoo should be enough to perform a treatment, so the whole product of 200 ml should suffice for up to 100 treatments.

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