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rene-quintonIt was French biologist Rene Quinton, known as the French Darwin, who first used the comparison of the human organism to a self–contained aquarium encompassing “its own closed sea” where all cells live, reproduce, and quickly develop.

The similarity of the physiological and chemical composition of seawater and human blood plasma proven by Rene Quinton in 1904 fascinated and served as an inspiration for André Zagozda to conduct passionate research relating to seawater and its natural concentrates represented by laminar algae.

These studies contributed to the creation in 1989 of a uniquely highly concentrated water extract from the Laminaria Digitata algae on an industrial scale – SEA PLASMA® a symbol distinguishing André Zagozda Laboratory dermo-cosmetics and guaranteeing their exceptional effectiveness.

From passion to mission

The mission of André Zagozda Laboratory is the effective improvement of the state and health of the skin and consistently tackling the aging process.

The Andre Zagozda Laboratory creates unique, highly-effective vector cosmeceuticals exceptionally rich in active marine ingredients.

Client stories