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Sea water – why is it so powerful?

  Sea water is the only substance combining all physical and chemical properties enabling the emergence, the continuation and the development of life. Plato believed, that sea water heals all illnesses.  The healing property of sea water, namely its ability to return the human body to the balance (homeostasis) necessary for maintaining health, was already recognised in the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Far East. Plato, the famous Greek philosopher living four centurities before our era, used seawater treatments, claiming that „The sea cleanses a person from all that is bad.”   In regards to our era, the therapeutic effects …

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3 steps to win over cellulite

Latest researches show that over 85% women have cellulite- popularly called orange peel. At early-stages it is seen only under squeeze, but when changes at adipose tissue are connected to changes at connective tissue and as a consequences of disturbances in lymph and blood circulation any inflammatory changes can occur – this issue can not only become visible but also can cause other afflictions.  With the passing of time it is necessary to visit a doctor and it not always would be dermatologist because cellulite is a problem that can be caused by many different factors so it all depends …

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