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Continue the following treatments for at least a month,  until your weight stabilizes:

  • Algae Bath (Sea Water Reconstructor)  3 times a week (during weekends take  the bath in the morning and evening if possible)
  • Creams – apply them immediately after the bath:  slimming cream Ivy Silhouette Cream in the morning, Rock Samphire Silhouette Cream in the evening, if you are prone to cellulite.  For best results, add to the creams 7-10 drops of Silhouette Essential Oil Complex
  • Algae Marine Capsules (if you feel hungry, take 1 or 2 capsules, but not more than 2 a day)
  • Algae Marine Elixir – 2 ampoules a day dissolved in 1,5 l of mineral water according to the directions on the leaflet


And also

  • Firming cream Bust and Body Firming Cream ( breasts and skin areas with reduced firmness);
  • Whole body peeling with Body Algopeel once a week or: South Beech Peeling or Silhouette Exfoliating Soap (peeling and slimming soap with red algae) every day
  • Drink 1.5 l of mineral water every day


Afterwards – apply the following products for slimming effect and body firmness:

  • Algae baths – non foaming Algae Bath (Sea Water Reconstructor) – twice a week to detoxify, release excess fluids from the body and boost metabolism in a natural way. Alternatively, use Foaming Algae Bath for everyday bathing. With either of these baths, stay in a bathtub for 20 -30 minutes
  • Creams – use as above
  • Peeling – as above
  • Drink 1,5 l of mineral water daily
  • We recommend regular swimming
  • Remember to finish up every bath with a cold, firming shower


If you gain weight

  • Reduce your food intake, particularly in the evening and replace one meal with AZ Diet Cocktail
  • introduce Algae Marine Elixir  ampoules as recommended  on the leaflet
  • Take  Algae Baths (Sea Water Reconstructor) more frequently
  • Apply slimming treatment:  8-day program  once in three months or  21-day program  once in six months, until your body mass remains on the same level and you acquire healthy eating habits



The best therapeutic effects are achieved by embarking on the AZ Diet and simultaneously taking  algae diet supplements and  algae treatment, increasing exercise level and take  algae baths which  significantly   support the  slimming process. In addition to stimulating the process of fat burning, they intensely detoxify  the whole body (which eliminates large quantities of toxins during the  slimming process). Algae baths, in combination with suggested creams, considerably improve skin condition, preventing its flaccidity during the slimming process.