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SLIMING THERAPY – HOME for home use.

A full body algae treatment at a professional aesthetic medicine clinic is recommended once a week. We also recommend increased amount of exercise.



additionally we recommend:   ALGAE TREATMENT WITH MASSAGES (min.1 per week) + EXERCISE (of your choice)

HOME THERAPY COMPONENTS  described above are supplemented with ALGAE TREATMENT with MASSAGE

Treatment components: Description: Effects:
DETOX 24H Detox 24H: one-day body cleansing treatment
Frequency: on the first day of the weight loss treatment and then once in a quarter of the year for regular cleansing of toxins.
– a product for one-day body detox (supports cleansing of all the vital organs)
Balanced AZ DIET AZ Cocktail – diet cocktails
Frequency: Replace one, two or three meals during a day, depending on pre-planned diet intensity and duration
– reduces daily calorie intake
– provides optimal amount of micro- and macro-elements, mineral salts, vitamins, proteins and many other components needed for proper functioning of the body
– boosts metabolism
– makes one feel full, yet light and filled with energy
– grocery products from the list of allowed products (available in the AZ Detox and AZ Diet chapter) according to the dietitian’s recommendations – the diet can be adjusted to individual taste, life style and rhythm
Algae Marine Capsules – algae capsules
Frequency: 2 per day
– nutritious effects (cellular nutrition), reduce appetite
Algae Marine Elixir
Frequency: 2 ampoules daily, dissolved in 1,5 l of mineral water
– powerful stimulation of the metabolism, especially fat breakdown, due to high concentration of iodine in the algae (among others)
– faster dispersal of concretions (including excessive accumulation of water) and body detoxification.
– mineral water (1.5 l per day) or fresh vegetable juices or tea without sugar – mineral water and fresh vegatable juices are indispensable for the proper fucntioning of the organism
ALGAE BATHS Algae Bath or Algae Foaming Bath
non-foaming or foaming algae bath.
Daily. For best effect take two baths a day. After the bath, apply creams – slimming and anti-cellulite
– body detoxification, noticeably faster metabolism
– sensation of lightness, improved mood
– skin re-mineralization
– cellulite reduction
– relaxation
– algae baths with creams (including SEA PLASMA extract prevent skin flaccidity during weight loss process
ALGAE TREATMENT WITH MASSAGE Iintesive Slimming, detox and skin firming
Once a week. If planned weight loss exceeds 6-7 kg, increase the amount of treatments to 2-3 per week to keep skin in good condition.
– body detox,
– firming and immediate, visible skin condition improvement
– substantially faster slimming process
– cellulite reduction aimed at it’s final elimination
– skin re-mineralization
– noticeable mood improvement, sensation of lightness
PHYSICAL EXERCISE – Increase your daily physical activity – boosting metabolism
– more effective slimming process
– faster body detoxification