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The cleansing day is a no-food day.  We recommend to drink lukewarm, boiled water only (warm water accelerates the cleansing process) and to replace food with AZ Detox 24h product. The pack includes four single-dose schets.  Dissolve the contents of each sachet in warm, boiled water  (min. 200 ml) and drink immediately.


Follow the schedule below:

8,00       – sachet I    AZ Detox24h
10,00     – sachet II   AZ Detox24h

8,00       – sachet III  AZ Detox24h
10,00     – sachet IV   AZ Detox24h

If you start your day early, you can use the fist sachet earlier, e.g. at 7 am, and then use the remaining sachets also one hour earlier each. Remember to leave two hours before sachet 1 and 2 and 12 hours between morning and evening doses.



  • On the day before your detox, avoid eating meat, cold meats or any other heavy foods, which remain long in the bowels and may cause headache on the detox day.  We recommend boiled vegetables, fruit and lean fish. The evening meal should be light. Eat it before 6 pm at the latest.  For best results, skip the supper and drink large amount of warm, boiled water instead.
  • On the detox day – do not drink cold drinks.  We recommend warm boiled water.
  • For persons over 90 kg one pack of AZ DETOX24H may not be enough. They may use two sachets instead one for both morning detox doses.  Persons over 100 kg may use two sachets instead of one for all the four doses.
  • The best day for detox is Saturday, because you may need to visit the toilet quite frequently on the next day, in the result of the detoxifying process.
  • You can repeat the procedure every 2-3 months.
  • If you use AZ Detox 24h for detox only, not as a part of the AZ Slimming Treatment, switch to light, preferably vegetarian diet for at least 3-4 days afterwards and drink lots of mineral water and freshly prepared vegetable juices. We recommend eating fermented food (sauerkraut or cucumbers) or drinking juices from them. Avoid alcohol, sweets and bread.