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DETOX – the first day of the treatment, which allows to eliminate excess fluids and toxins from the body. A cleansed organism naturally accelerates its metabolism and better absorbs the precious nutrients which are delivered during the therapy, orally and transdermally, with cosmeceutics applied on skin and vectored on highly concentrated marine extracts.

AZ DIET – so easy to follow! Replace two meals with the AZ cocktails, and make the third one (lunch or dinner) with the “allowed products”*. The cocktails are available in four sweet flavours (chocolate, coffee, strawberry and vanilla) and two meal flavours (tomatoes with thyme and leek with chicken). One dose (27 g) is one sachet or 6 flat measures supplied in the 500g jar. Dissolve the powder in water or another fluid (no fat milk, yoghurt or kefir) in temperature up to 45°C . Meal cocktails can be mixed with vegetable or no-fat meat broth. You can mix the flavours in any proportions for new tastes (e.g. strawberry with chocolate or coffee with vanilla), as long as you keep to the prescribed 6-measure dose. Drink daily at least 1.5 l of mineral water mixed with two ampoules of  Algae Marine Elixir. The elixir provides rich variety of valuable and easily absorbed nutrients, including oligo elements, mineral salts, vitamins and proteins, which give powerful boost to metabolism, accelerate elimination of toxins from the body, regulate digestion and provide a natural supply of energy. The last component of AZ DIET are capsules with micronised algae Algae Marine Capsules, which efficiently amend common nutritional shortages (cellular nutrition) and help to eliminate the sensation of hunger.

ALGAE BATHS– an indispensable component of the treatment. They cleanse the body from increased amount of toxins which are the result of the breakdown of fat tissue, on an ongoing basis. The daily “bathing detox” considerably accelerates metabolism, which considerably enhances the efficiency of the treatment. The baths re-mineralise the skin and visibly improve its condition and firmness. In combination with recommended creams (slimming or anti-cellulite) including SEA PLASMA® extract, they prevent skin flaccidity throughout the slimming process.

ALGAE TREATMENTS in combination with individually selected massages can increase the effect of the treatment up to two times. They are available in clinics – partners of the Laboratory. For best results and also to provide individualised approach, we have developed a programme with seven specialised treatments which not only aim at slimming, firming and cellulite elimination, but also at modelling the whole figure, with special focus on body parts which require particular attention. The treatments provide strong stimulation to the fat tissue and facilitate its infiltration (and as a consequence induce a faster breakdown of the fat).The best results are achieved at SPA clinics with daily treatment routine, but programs performed at cosmetic clinics partnering the Laboratory also bring excellent effects, especially with treatment schedules provided in the catalogue. We recommend the treatments in particular to persons who plan considerable weight reduction and also persons prone to cellulite problems or skin flaccidity. Persons with minor overweight are recommended to undergo at least one treatment per week for improved condition and appearance of the skin. The results are spectacular and instantly noticeable.

STABILIZING PROGRAM recommended after achieving target weight, consolidates new eating habits and helps to maintain the results for good. The AZ DIET does not cause the yo-yo effect.  Due to the cellular nutrition, it does not induce any nutritional shortages. Therefore, it can be safely continued until the desired results are achieved. After only a few days, typical effects after completing the AZ DIET treatment include noticeable improvement of the condition of skin, hair and nails.

*      the list of allowed products is available in Detox and AZ Diets chapter.