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The intensive 7 day diet consists in replacing three meals with AZ DIET cocktails. This is a very low calorie, balanced, protein, low carbohydrate and low fat diet. It aims at a relatively high loss of fat in a short period of time and can be considered as an independent program (for low overweight 4-5 kg), which introduces the STABILIZING PROGRAM or (in case of higher overweight) as an introductory program preceding the STANDARD DIET program. Quick weight loss and reduction of body contours are highly motivating and constitute an attractive offer for the patients who seek immediate effects. The cocktails prepared at the André Zagozda Laboratory provide all daily indispensable and easily digestible amino acids, sugars, vitamins and mineral components, which guarantees proper nutrition at the cellular level and a great mood at the same time.



  • after waking up drink a glass of boiled, warm water (stimulates gastric acid production and intestine peristaltic)
  • After 10 min. – drink half a cup of juice from fermented vegetables (cucumber or sauerkraut) or eat a portion of it
  • prepare energy drink: add 1 ampule of Algae Marine Elixir to a bottle of non-sparkling mineral water,drink throughout the day. The elixir can also be dissolved in a smaller amount of water (e.g. half of a
    glass) if you prefer.


    preparing instructions: mix 6 flat measures (or one sachet) of the powder with water or another liquid
    (max. 45°C) such as low fat (0%) milk or yogurt. Lunch cocktails can be also dissolved in
    vegetable or low fat meat bullion (preferably salt-free). Mix vigorously in a small amount of liquid to
    obtain homogeneous mixture and then add gradually the rest of the liquid or use a small mixer.
  • VEGETABLE JUICE – half a cup of freshly prepared juice (carrot, beet, white cabbage etc)
  • COFFEE or TEA no sugar (optionally with a sweetener).
  • ALGAE MARINE CAPSULES – capsules with micronized algae. A diet supplement (cellular nutrition, metabolism regulation and the toxins elimination). The capsules help reduce appetite in a natural way.
    Usage:  follow 1 capsule with a glass of water


  • COCKTAIL (prepared as above) + 1 or 2 fresh cucumbers (it is low calorie and has cleansing and
    draining properties). Instead of cucumber,  you can eat a green salad mix with lemon or balsamic vinegar
    and fresh herbs (dill, parsley, chives, etc) or cooked vegetables (e.g. cauliflower, broccoli, marrow etc.)
    with fresh herbs as above. Vegetables satisfy the hunger and provide biocatalysts and fiber, which are
    indispensable for the proper functioning of the body.
  • COFFEE or TEA as above
  • ALGAE MARINE CAPSULES – 1 capsule with micronized algae. Usage as above.

— Menu the same as for breakfast.


  • Throughout the day drink mineral or boiled, warm water (at least 2.5 L/day).
  • Algae Marine Capsules – use as above mentioned. If the feeling of hunger is the most burdensome in the evening – take both capsules in the late afternoon instead.
  • After completing the Intensive AZ DIET, transition to the STANDARD AZ DIET or to the STABILIZING PROGRAM.