3 steps to win over cellulite

Latest researches show that over 85% women have cellulite- popularly called orange peel. At early-stages it is seen only under squeeze, but when changes at adipose tissue are connected to changes at connective tissue and as a consequences of disturbances in lymph and blood circulation any inflammatory changes can occur – this issue can not only become visible but also can cause other afflictions.  With the passing of time it is necessary to visit a doctor and it not always would be dermatologist because cellulite is a problem that can be caused by many different factors so it all depends on the cause of cellulite.


We would like to recommend to start fighting cellulite with the easiest and most natural ways, because we think that crucial to get back healthy and smooth skin (except of serious hormonal improprieties that require treatment) is our own possibilities and depends only on our strong will and self-discipline.


Where does the cellulite come from?

Beyond illness issues – cellulite comes from incorrect nutrition and sedentary, inactive lifestyle.


Cellulite can be defeated. Below we present you 3 steps to achieve this goal.




Change of bad eating habits is basic


We cannot influence many of factors casing cellulite. Whereas we can totally influence diet which decides about skin health and condition. You should get rid of your diet highly processed products, containing a lot of salt, carbohydrates and fats and definitely reduce animal’s dairy products and meat. Healthy diet is full of vegetables (especially dark green ones) and their complexation are fruits, grains and nuts.


It is worth to highlight that all amino acids (even this 8 exogenous, not produced in our body) occur also in plant food. For example some of alga contain even 10 times more calcium and 8 times more iron than beef and what’s more are incomparably better assailable to our body and do not cause any allergies and food intolerance, as some of zoonotic products more and more often does.

You should eat regularly and drink MINIMUM 2 liters of water daily (optimal would be 3 liters daily).




Physical activity is key to health, beautiful shape and perfect mood


Sport helps to fight cellulite.  Regular physical activity improves metabolism what, as a consequence, speed up process of cleaning our body out of accretions and toxins and that helps to get rid of not only cellulite but also needless kilograms. Furthermore doing sports rise up the level of beneficent hormones responsible for mind acumen and perfect mood – it is another important present you can give to yourself. To get the best effects, you should choose sports which activates all body for example like swimming or yoga.





Sea cosmetology – perfect answer for cellulite


At places touched by cellulite it is worth to take a cold shower or do cold and hot water showers by turns. This treatment perfectly stimulates micro circulation and makes the walls of blood vessels much more flexible. After the shower it would be proper to do massage with intense rubbing in your skin products full of highly concentrated sea alga extract notorious for strong lipolytic features (fat distributing) and anti-cellulite.


For cellulite we recommend:

ROCK SAMPHIRE SILOUETTE CREAM. Alga contained in this product as a result of specific and extreme living conditions evolved its factors into „tracking” and then distributing gathered in lumps fat – this is the reason for its anti-cellulite activity.


For evenly distributed adipose tissue we recommend:

IVY SILOUETTE CREAM. This product contains highly concentrated ivy extract within others factors well known of intensive lipolytic activities inter alia: caffeine –  thanks to SEA PLASMA® alga extract, which is vector, can be delivered into the inside of the skin and there support and compound its abilities one of the other to help actively burn adipose tissue.


For detox and significant speeding up metabolism we recommend:

ALGAE BATH. One bath lasting 25 minutes can remove out of your body even 0,6 kg liquids containing toxins. This is possible because of high concentration of alginic acid (stimulates micro circulation at capillaries and makes removing toxins easier) supported by B group vitamins, beta-carotene and enzymes (correct metabolism and smooth skin) and iodine (speed up adipose tissue distribution). Skin is thoroughly cleaned out of toxins and is nourished (bath contains over 100 micro and macro elements, amino acids, enzymes and a lot of vitamins also all of B group vitamins) and this naturally speed up its metabolism, give it vitality and energy.


It is important to get rid of dead epidermis regularly – to this we recommend:

BODY ALGOPEEL – it is peeling based on connection of micro balls and highly concentrated SEA PLASMA® alga extract, that is why product not only successfully (but also with no micro injuries) removes dead cells layers but intensively nourishes skin stimulating its repair processes.

Skin touched with cellulite supposed to be peeled twice a week (peeling with micro balls, not causing micro injuries) to „open” it for application of next products and let as much active components to get inside the skin as possible. Only then this components could have impact on eliminating cellulite and toxins, reduction of excessive adipose tissue and intense skin nourishing. Strongly stimulated skin regeneration cause longer lasting satisfaction of its young and full of freshness look.

  • Karolina Wojciechowska - 06.06.2017