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Sea water – why is it so powerful?


Sea water is the only substance combining all physical and chemical properties enabling the emergence, the continuation and the development of life. Plato believed, that sea water heals all illnesses.  The healing property of sea water, namely its ability to return the human body to the balance (homeostasis) necessary for maintaining health, was already recognised in the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece, Rome and the Far East. Plato, the famous Greek philosopher living four centurities before our era, used seawater treatments, claiming that „The sea cleanses a person from all that is bad.”


In regards to our era, the therapeutic effects of the sea climate and of bathing in seawater were only discovered in the second half of the XIX century in France. It was named thalassotherapy, from the Greek thalassa (sea) and therapy (treatment). Studies of the phenomenon began, in search of scientific explanations and evidence of its healing properties. The greatest accomplishments in this field were made by the French physiologist and biologist Rene Quinton (1866 – 1925), the son of a doctor and the mayor of the city of Chaumes.




Rene Quinton discovered that the make-up of human blood serum and the mineral make-up of sea water, are unusually similar to one another in all aspects except for the salt content – in fact, they are 98% the same. He noticed that extracellular fluid is almost identical to the content of seawater and that human amniotic fluid is a copy of it. He also demonstrated that sea water contains a full set of elements and trace values in the same proportions as occur in the human body: in bodily fluids, extracellular fluid, blood plasma, tears, sweat, cerebrospinal fluid etc.  


Quinton conducted the first experiment demonstrating this unusual similarity in 1897. The experiment took place in professor Marey’s laboratory in „Collège de France” and involved a dog, named Sodium. The dog was bled and the blood was replaced by seawater*.  Initially, the dog’s state weakened but then the same defence reactions occurred as would in the case of a classical blood transfusion, i.e. raised temperature and leukocytosis! – a significant increase in amount of white blood cells, which indicated the body’s self-defence mechanism being present in seawater!


The dog’s appetite increased greatly on day four of the experiment (the 10 kilo dog ate 400 g of meat) and the dog quickly returned to health. Interestingly, the dog was very animated after the conclusion of the experiment. This proved to be a repeating pattern in consecutive experiments – as though seawater was a greater source of vitality for the body than one’s own blood. These results suggested that sea water brought the body back to its correct equilibrium and formulas that were long lost due to an unhealthy life style and poor nutrition, etc., and thus strengthened and helped awaken the body’s natural regenerative potential. It is worth adding here, that as a result of the experiment described above, the dog’s previously diagnosed kidney disease, was cured.


*  diluted to an isotonic concentration, the same as blood plasma. Seawater that has been diluted to an isotonic concentration is identical to the internal environment of the human body.



Quinton decided to use his discoveries to free people of all diseases by strengthening their immune systems.

Quinton assumed that the cause of most diseases, as well as accelerated aging of blood vessels and cells was a long-term deficiency in nutrients and a lack of mineral homeostasis resulting from poor nutrition. And what was the quickest and easiest way to replenish these levels? Where would the most nutritionally valuable elements be found? The answer was self-evident: since life came from the sea, it meant that sea water had the perfect content for the human body and that these elements would be the easiest to assimilate.


In his most important work „Eau De Mer, Milieu Organique”  (Sea Water, an Organic Medium), dated 1904, René described the method of attaining the so-called Quinton Plasma, based on purifying sea water and diluting it to the same isotonic concentration that blood plasma is and then applying this prepared liquid through intravenous injections.  The injections gained huge popularity from 1908 onwards, as they saved the lives of thousands of people, including those of small children, who were faced with fatal threats due to the malnutrition and infectious diseases of the times. The results were spectacular in most cases and were all scrupulously documented. Quinton’s institutions did as many as 150 thousand isotonic injections per year and with these, René helped his patients overcome such serious diseases as cholera, infections of the stomach and intestines, typhoid fever, cirrhosis of the liver, all types of poisonings and rheumatism.

It is important to understand that the seawater therapy developed by Quinton was not an attempt to cure disease per se. Its mission was to regain the correct balance (homeostasis) in the body by returning its cells to correct functions through intense nourishing and revitalising. Today, this philosophy is called cellular medicine. Every day, tens of patients who overcame diseases proved that the complex and harmonious strengthening brought on by seawater, was in most cases sufficient for the body to efficiently defend itself against abnormalities and diseases.




Like most scientists, André Zagozda, was fascinated by the discoveries of René Quinton and the therapeutic applications of ocean water. His laboratory was focused on studying seawater and its natural riches – algae. Unlike Quinton, who focussed on what was happening inside the body, Andre Zagozda concentrated his research on the skin. The main task he challenged himself with was to counteract the aging of the skin and all the problems accompanying this process, as well as aiming to naturally impact healthy and beautiful appearance of skin.


While effective nourishment of the body lies at the foundations of both these approaches, one must keep in mind that the skin is the last recipient of nourishment. Ingested nutrients will always satisfy the needs of individual internal organs first and only that which is left over will go to the body’s external organ – the skin. If we add to this that stockpiled nutrient resources can be depleted within minutes in the defence against any infection, even a miniscule one, such as small stress or a mosquito bite – the skin is frequently deficient in nutrients. Another matter concerns the fact that food today – highly processed and produced unnaturally – does not contain enough nutrients and in many cases it does not contain any nutrients at all. Oftentimes, our stomachs are full but our cells scream out from hunger and malnourishment. One could risk the statement that almost every person today suffers from nutritional deficiencies. We only differ in terms of how big these deficiencies are and what in particular we lack. As Quinton warned over a hundred years ago, the effect of long term deficiencies in nutrients is the increased aging of blood vessels and cells, which are after all, the building blocks of our organs. Their gradual degradation will unfalteringly lead to disease. In the case of the skin, because of the reasons detailed above, these deficiencies appear sooner, they occur more frequently and they last


Therefore, applying a highly concentrated nourishing product directly onto our skin, while simultaneously eating and drinking well, will yield the optimal results for the skin, ensuring its condition, health and youthful appearance.


In order for the product to nourish skin at a level where it stimulates natural regeneration when applied, the following conditions must be fulfilled:   


  • The product must contain all the active ingredients necessary for the skin and there are hundreds of them. Three, five or fifteen ingredients listed on a packaging are not sufficient, as the skin needs a multitude of varied elements in order to function normally. Often times these are ingredients that are necessary at such a trace level that no producer is able to include them in their formula, as there is no scale that would be able to measure them. Quinton, the actual discoverer of microelements proved the huge role of these small elements based on caesium. Present in both in seawater as well as in the human body, the elements can only be seen through spectral analysis. However, the biological significance of caesium is equal to that of sodium chloride and sodium, which are present in the body at incomparably higher levels. „There is no proof that an infinitely small element doesn’t fulfil some essential vital role in sea water” – Quinton used to say.  Today we know that most of those microelements fulfil the role of catalysts in all chemical reactions that take place in organisms. Thus, life without these would not be possible.


  • In order for the active ingredients of a product to have real influence on the functioning of the skin and on its regeneration, they must get through the epidermis to its interior, to the intercellular matrix, fibroblasts and cells. Only there, they can influence the skin’s condition, „repairing” all types of damage such as that caused by acne, or slow down of the aging process and even rejuvenate the skin! (but this is a task only for „chemistry aces”)


The level of difficulty in crossing the epidermis is evidenced by the study conducted in 2011 by professor Richard Guy at Bath University in England. The study was replicated twice and both times it was demonstrated that all active ingredients of products tested, based on plant extracts, as over 90% of cosmetics in the world are, not containing so-called vectors* (conductors), wholly remained in the epidermis, even when they contained nanosomes and even when a few layers were removed from the samples.


* the only factors that are able to conduct nourishing plant ingredients inside the skin are factors of marine origin (due to the chemical similarity to the human body, as described above). These can be, for example, extracts from algae, but only from particular algae, as most do not have the traits of a vector. If a cosmetic based on plant extracts does not have a vector, all of its active ingredients will remain only in the epidermis.

  • The active ingredients in the product must be very highly concentrated in order for a sufficient amount to get through to the interior of the skin. Despite the 98% similarity of the bio-chemical make-up of sea water and human bodily fluids discovered by Rene Quinton – the skin will „defend” itself by stopping a large number of these ingredients from getting through its epidermis.


The only medium on the market that meets all the above criteria is that developed by Andre Zagozda in 1989 – SEA PLASMA® a globally unique, exceptionally highly concentrated water extract made from laminate algae. Its phenomenal qualities have caused the laboratory to develop a special method to include this unusually active ingredient in its formulas, making it their flagship component and the element, which guarantees the highest effectiveness of their dermo-cosmetics.


It is important to note that SEA PLASMA® is seawater that has been concentrated (in a way that emphasises its regenerative qualities) by the Laminaria Digitata algae over 100,000 times. Despite such a high concentration, SEA PLASMA® retains both the qualitative composition of the extract created from seawater by Laminaria Digitata as well as, which is very important, the proportions created by it in nature itself.


René Quinton thought that:



He used intravenous injections with the ”Quinton Plasma”, since in his opinion, it did not only enrich the cells with the most valuable and easily absorbed elements but more importantly brought back the lost chemical formula, which in turn ensured proper functioning, balance and finally health. This method saved the lives of thousands of people from 1908 until World War I, proving and documenting its efficiency and has been used successfully until this day.


André Zagozda continues the same therapeutic method but applies it to the skin, which he treats with his unique extract SEA PLASMA®. This extract is in its essence, highly concentrated sea water, so thanks to its chemical similarity to human bodily fluids, it is able to get through the epidermis without the use of any devices and it is absorbed into the deep layers of the skin, where it intensively nourishes and revitalises the cells, returning the lost chemical formula to the cells and with that, proper functions, balance and health, similarly to Quinton Plasma.


The difference between „Quinton Plasmaand SEA PLASMA® lies mainly in the concentration levels. Quinton used intravenous injections and therefore his „Quinton Plasma” is seawater diluted to an identical level of blood plasma in regards to mineral salts, i.e., isotonic concentration.


André Zagozda applies his extract SEA PLASMA® directly to the skin, which as we know is a barrier almost impossible to penetrate. In order to get through the epidermis and reach the deepest layers of the skin, where it can influence its regeneration, very high concentrations have to be used – even in the case of seawater, which is chemically closer to the make-up of the skin, than any other substance in the world.

Regardless of the method applied, the GOAL remains the same in both cases, as do the spectacular results.


The analogy between the body’s internal environment, blood plasma and sea water demonstrated by Quinton and the return of the chemical formula to the cells – brought the research in André Zagozda’s Laboratory to a situation where they are able not only to slow down the aging process but can actually rejuvenate the skin in a completely natural, non-invasive way, free of any complications.  


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