If you are overweight then dropping a few kilos before a planned pregnancy is a good idea. The point is that during pregnancy the weight will naturally increase so each additional kilo will unnecessarily burden the spine and joints. But it is important to manage your diet in a wise and healthy way.

AZ DIET supplements ensure the prevention of malnutrition, which may occur during a slimming diet when we eat less food which in many cases is devoid of nutritional value. Algae Marine Elixir - 100% natural extract of the two species of algae known for their regenerative, vitalizing and lipolytic (fat metabolism regulating) properties. Marine Algae Capsules – a composition of micronized, highly nourishing marine and freshwater algae (including spirulina and chlorella).

Both formulations are completely natural and rich in valuable ingredients - they include macro and micro elements (more than 100), minerals, proteins, polysaccharides (including hyaluronic acid), lipids (including the rare and valuable to our skin gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), hydroxyalcohols (they regulate the activity of sebaceous glands and inhibit the growth of bacteria), alginic acid (among others, stimulates microcirculation and helps remove toxins) and vitamins A, E, C, and the entire group of B vitamins (B1 to B12).

It can be said that algae contain almost everything our body needs. Therefore, not only are you protected from a lack of vitamins, but through this diet you can fill any existing nutritional deficiencies and what is also important for you - accelerate toxin evacuation to cleanse the body.

If you want to intensify the purification of the body and at the same time prepare the skin for pregnancy (prevention of stretch marks) beyond supplements we suggest the Algae Bath. In addition to detoxification of the body it also remineralizes the skin. Before the bath it is good to do a peeling of the entire body (including the breasts) using Algopeel. It "opens the skin" and facilitates the absorption of the minerals and vitamins contained in the bath. After the bath, apply Perfect Body Emulsion - a deeply moisturizing and intensely nourishing skin emulsion in which the content of algae (based on fresh algae) is as high as 60%. If you are sliming using our standard diet (where two meals are replaced by cocktails) it is also important what you eat for the third meal. We propose that in addition to a portion of protein (eg. a fish) you also add a large portion of vegetables (with a predominance of dark greens). We propose to mix raw vegetables with boiled ones (eg. zucchini or cauliflower).

In general, we encourage you to examine your blood in a lab (informing them that you plan to become pregnant). A good laboratory should propose what to examine, and also interpret the results so you will have knowledge of the general state of your body - this is valuable before pregnancy and you will have something to show the doctor already on the first visit. You can repeat the examination after the diet and see for yourself how your organism has reacted to it. Our experience shows that the results after the diet should be better than they were before.

There is no need to wait after the AZ diet to become pregnant. However, after slimming it would be reasonable to wait 3-4 weeks eating healthy (proteins and vegetables with a small amount of fat, eg. olive oil and if fried – on coconut oil) to stabilize the reduced body weight and let the body get used to it.

Besides, in the first months of pregnancy your body may retain fluids. If you observe this tendency, we suggest reducing salt or totally excluding it from foods (most products contain it anyway). If you experience swelling, you can take 25-30 min. Algae Bath, which in this time can remove up to 600 g of excessively accumulated water with toxins. After the bath, in order to protect the skin from stretch marks we suggest to use Bust and Body Firming Cream. In order to achieve optimal results, you can add to the cream Active Vitamin C 25% and 10 drops of Essential Oil Firming Complex. Such a comprehensive skin care ensures its excellent condition, both throughout pregnancy and after.