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Uniquely highly concentrated water extract from the Laminaria Digitata algae (over 50% dry mass) – a symbol distinguishing André Zagozda Laboratory dermocosmetics and guaranteeing they unique effectiveness.

Selected fresh Laminaria Digitata algae are the only raw material. A phase of strong condensation and concentration, subject to special conditions is followed by specific filtration facilitating the achievement of a final product of maximum value.

Algae concentrate

In order to receive 1 kg of such a highly concentrated extract of Laminaria Digitata it is vital that as much as 20 kg of fresh algae (a ratio of 1:20) be used. Generally, algae extracts offered on world markets are produced in 1:1 ratio (1 kg of fresh algae is needed in order to obtain 1 kg of concentrate).

Algae in cosmetology and
contemporary treatment of the skin

The unique composition and properties make the algae one of the most active substances

Algaes are used as vector (shuttle) for all active ingredients which means they help other ingredients penetrate deep into the skin. It is especially efficient in large concentrations of algae such the one in SEA PLASMA®

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