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zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-04-o-11-16-33The studies of AZ Laboratory contributed to achieve in 1989 a uniquely highly concentrated water extract from the Laminaria digitata algae (over 50% dry mass) on an industrial scale – SEA PLASMA® -a symbol distinguishing André Zagozda Laboratory products and guaranteeing their unique effectiveness. 

The development of this uniquely highly-concentrated water extract from the Laminaria Digitata algae (over 50% dry mass) is the result of applying a novel extraction technology exclusively in the water phase without any additives or preservatives. Selected fresh Laminaria Digitata algae are the only raw material. A phase of strong condensation and concentration is followed by specific filtration. In order to receive 1 kg of SEA PLASMA® extract – 20 kg of fresh algae is used, whereas other algae extracts offered on the market are20 times weaker (1 kg of fresh algae is usedto obtain 1 kg of extract).

The next challenge was to develop the technology necessary to introduce this active ingredient in all AZ formulas.