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SOD (superoxide dismutase)


Action: A strong antioxidant. It causes a significant increase (≥ 40%) of natural body cell immunity against oxidative stress and alleviation of inflammatory conditions.


The zrzut-ekranu-2016-11-04-o-11-24-47André Zagozda Laboratory was the first to combine: 

  • a unique, micronized extract from the pulp of a certain species of melon with a very high SOD content (20 times more than in classic fruits), and
  • a group of other “free radical eliminators”, such as Catalase, theQ10 co–enzyme, and vitamin E.


The first product containing this type of SOD was created by the André Zagozda Laboratory on the request of Cindy Crawford for her Lifting and Repairing Cream. It was developed together with the entire line of dermo-cosmetics and sold by the famous model under the name Meaningful Beauty. The latest version of this cream is offered by the Laboratory under the name Perfect Lift Cream.