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From 1980, André Zagozda has conducted diverse studies and scientific experiments relating to seawater. These studies contributed to achieve a unique algae extract SEA PLASMA® and then to develop technology that would enable the inclusion of this extremely active component to all AZ formulas.

The André Zagozda Laboratory was officially created in January 1990 in Bayonne, near Biarritz, where the first thalassotherapy centers in the world were established. This region is known for its pioneering efforts in the field of seawater therapy. In that place, at the source of marine medicine and cosmetology, closely cooperating with many thalassotherapy centers,

the Laboratory could effectively conduct its scientific experiments. Thanks to its top effectiveness and a unique regenerative value, SEA PLASMA® became a symbol distinguishing AZ formulations and gave rise to many products which help resolve various problems of the face, body, scalp and body weight.


Today, the André Zagozda Laboratory continues its research to create new and effective recipes for dermo-cosmetics, responding to the challenges of modern cosmetology.

The areas of interest, research, and exploration on the part of the André Zagozda Laboratory are:

Why it works

The ocean was the home for our ancestors, a reminder of which is the incredibly high similarity of the physiological and chemical composition of seawater and human blood plasma proven by the French biologist Rene Quinton in 1904 and estimated by today’s scientists at approximately 95%. This means that all seawater origin components can penetrate the epidermis and enter the deeper layers of the skin,

where the regeneration processes take place and where every active element must reach to have a real impact.
Seawater is still the richest and most valuable source of nutrients. SEA PLASMA® concentrates seawater over 100.000 times making it a powerful, exceptionally nutritive and regenerative booster.

Due to its uniquely high concentration, SEA PLASMA® is also a perfect vector for leading into the skin other ingredients such as terrestrial plant extracts, the bio-similarity of which with the human blood serum is hundreds of times less. Without this special assistance they would stay only in the epidermis.